Album of the Day: Undergang – Misantropologi


Label: Dark Descent Records (CD)Me Saco un Ojo Records (vinyl)

Do you like old-school death metal? Because Undergang love old-school death metal. Misantropologi is an exemplar of dirty, dirt-dwelling death metal, the kind where the guitars sound like they’re coated in layers of filth and tar; the drums sound like the oncoming tread of titans; and the vocals are so low and stomach-churningly disgusting as to be barely human. There’s nothing sophisticated here, just death metal torn from some ancient, demonic womb during the grip of winter, that’s so very crude, and so very impressive.

All of which might paint the album as some exercise in the more primitive aspects of death metal – and, to be fair, it is. But it also has enough intelligence about the song-writing to remain interesting and exciting once the initial rush of “oh wow, this sounds like the death metal of my dreams!” wear off. It may recall the best moments of Autopsy, Dismember, and countless other classic bands and records; but it do so with enough conviction and talent that any complaints over a perceived lack of originality are rendered pointless. Misantropologi is the sound of the dead, risen from their graves and ruling the Earth as they slowly rot, all to a soundtrack of absolutely killer death metal.

Misantropologi is available digitally and on CD via Bandcamp; and on vinyl via Me Saco un Ojo Records.


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