Album of the Day: Ante-Inferno – A Dream of the Devil


Label: UKEM Records

The debut live demo/EP from Ante-Inferno, A Dream of the Devil, is every bit as cold and grim as you’d hope for from a record with such a name. Tapping in to that same sense of grandeur and melancholy as fellow English bands Winterfylleth and Wodensthrone, with more than a hint of early Ulver’s nature-based mysticism to its atmosphere, A Dream of the Devil is the kind of record that demonstrates all that is good with modern atmospheric black metal, and the so-called English Heritage black metal movement that sprang up a few years ago.

Not that Ante-Inferno do anything really new with their chosen sound; instead, A Dream of the Devil is an example of the basics of a style being played with talent and passion. It’s hard not to be swept along by the flow and weave of the tremolo-picked guitar lines, or the ebb and flow of the songs that are perfectly designed for getting heads banging and fists raised in a live environment. Though the song titles are more Satanically inclined than the norm for this atmospheric sound, you can still practically smell autumnal rains and ancient forests during the record. A Dream of the Devil is no-nonsense black metal done right, and it will be interesting to see how Ante-Inferno progress.

A Dream of the Devil is available on CD via UKEM Records, and digitally and on CD via Bandcamp.


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