Album of the Day: One Thousand Birds – Sleep Study 11.11.17


Label: Self-released

One Thousand Birds are one of the most exciting bands I’ve heard in a long, long time. The mix of blackened screamo and harsh noise atmospheres on Sleep Study 11.11.17 is utterly overwhelming, and devastating in its almost nihilistic use of volume. Imagine if Gravity Records was starting out now, and all involved were big fans of the harshest of raw black metal, and you’re somewhere close to what One Thousand Birds are conjuring; it makes almost everything else you’ll have heard in recent times seem absolutely tame by comparison.

Containing four songs as a single track, Sleep Study 11.11.17 is not for the faint of heart. Aside from the full-blooded assault of the guitar/bass/drums/vocals, there’s also an understanding of what makes harsh noise work, reflected in the rawer-than-raw production, and bursts of feedback and noise that owe as much to Merzbow as they do Honeywell. It’s all shot through with a violent streak that reads, “this is not for you” – but despite this, if you get it, and are on the same level as what One Thousand Birds are trying to do, then this five minute release becomes absolutely everythingSleep Study 11.11.17 is practically perfect.

Sleep Study 11.11.17 is available to download via Bandcamp.


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