Album of the Day: Moray – Temporal Majesty

Moray - Temporal Majesty - cover

Label: Self-released (digital) / Lion’s Jawbone (cassette)

Released last August, Temporal Majesty from Moray is a sterling mix of Dissection-style melodies and modern USBM aggression. With guitar lines that cut and latch in to your brain, as mournful as they are soaring, Temporal Majesty is an emotionally charged record of a style that often feels depressingly soul-less. The duo of Christian Degn Peterson and Brett Barrett created something very special here, and it deserves much more attention than it seems to have gained.

Though it’s only twenty minutes long, Moray do a lot with the duration of Temporal Majesty. Individual ideas dart in and out, with the music possessing a ceaseless energy; but the atmosphere is also remarkably consistent, no matter the speed the band play at or which instrument comes to the fore. At parts (such as on ‘Between the Sun and SUmmit’), it’s quite reminiscent of English black metal bands like Winterfylleth, with its extended periods of blasting conjuring all-encompassing atmospheres; and there’s a comparable reverence for nature put across by the music. Then ‘Dagger’ kicks in, with its black-thrash tempos and aggression, and it’s clear that Moray are determined not to be put in a particular box. Temporal Majesty feels like a unique entity,  with Moray carving out their own niche within underground black metal, and you’d be well advised to take notice.

Temporal Majesty is available on cassette and digitally via Bandcamp.


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