Album of the Day: Discord – Crustfucker


Label: Blackened Death Records

Does Pope Richard ever sleep? Judging by his consistent stream of quality releases, I’m hard pressed to believe it. One of the latest is Crustfucker under the Discord moniker, which is – as you might expect from the name – a nasty slice of crust and D-beat. Featuring songs with titles like ‘Cop Crusher’, ‘New Nazis’, and ‘Racists Don’t Own Shit’, it’s as politically charged and unsubtle as you’d hope for from the writer of songs such as ‘Stop Supporting Racist Bands’. And, just as you’d hope for from a crust records, it’s full of high energy riffs and righteous energy, the sound of a one-man protest against the bullshit systems that oppress so many.

Though the one-man nature of Crustfucker might make its production a bit cleaner than you’d typically expect from crust and D-beat (not necessarily a bad thing, mind), it still captures that spirit of rebellion and defiance that the styles are built upon. The call to unity and action in ‘Vandals’ is invigorating, and moments such as this provide a good counter-point to the high speed rage of ‘New Nazis’. Discord, and Crustfucker, aren’t doing anything new with crust and D-beat, but nor is it trying to; instead, it’s a voice of protest and rebellion, crying out against the horrors of 2018, and keeping true to the spirit that started the styles in the 80’s.

Crustfucker is available digitally via Bandcamp.


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