Album of the Day: Backswing – SOS

Backswing - SOS - cover

Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Beat-down hardcore often incorporates the worst sides of hardcore; derivative riffs, empty lyrics, and alpha-male posturing. So it’s genuinely great to come across a band who buck the trend, writing beat-down hardcore that gets pretty much everything right. Rather than sounding like the soundtrack for gym-bros to pound on each other, SOS by Backswing instead comes across as a real burst of energy and righteous rage, muscular without being bone-headed, and with heart-felt lyrics that actually have something to say. All of which makes it such a shame that the band have recently split, as this group held real promise.

Though there are still some cliches of beat-down hardcore present on SOS – with more than a few lyrics about being real and earning your place – but there’s also songs which address the importance of fighting prejudice; of dealing with abusive relationships; and treating women the hardcore scene as a novelty. Marissa’s vocals put across a real sense of urgency and honesty, all backed up by meaty, heavy riffs, with plenty of movements designed for mosh pit carnage.

SOS is available digitally via Bandcamp, and on vinyl via Demons Run Amok Entertainment.


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