Album of the Day: HIRS – YØU CAN’T KILL US


Label: Get Better Records

Over the course of just under six minutes, HIRS unleash one of the most vital, urgent grind records of recent years in YØU CAN’T KILL US. The abrasive nature of punk-infused grind is clear right from the start, with opener ‘NØT FØR YØU’ launching right into a full-blooded, groove-laden grinding rage, and the EP doesn’t let up from there. “We’re not for you!” goes the repeated refrain, and it’s utterly true – this is the sound of a space being carved out for those who do not feel they fit in with the sexist, transphobic, and otherwise discriminatory nature of modern Western society, where existence is an inherently defiant act.

This is really brought to the fore with the opening section of third track ‘A PRØMISE / T.D.Ø.V’ – “When a transwoman staying alive / Is the hardest thing to do / I’m trying to keep a promise / If I can’t stay alive for myself / I’ll try to do it for you”. It’s one of the most emotionally devastating moments within the whole of grind, laying itself bare with its lack of nuance, yet hardly coming across as vulnerable. HIRS have no time for prejudiced bullshit, and YØU CAN’T KILL US is the sound of something utterly vital kicking, screaming, and raging to be free and safe.

YØU CAN’T KILL US can be downloaded via Bandcamp.


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