Album of the Day: Aynsophar – Abysmal Secrets of Unknown


Label: Neverheard Distro

Think of solo metal acts, and you’ll probably think of people in their bedrooms or basements, typically hammering out primitive, raw-as-fuck black metal. Aynsophar go against that cliched image, with the solo project of Barbara Teleki unleashing some highly complex, progressive death metal on Abysmal Sevrets of Unknown. Whilst the EP features contributions from guest vocalists, what really stands out throughout the record is Barbara’s playing, and her incredibly intricate song-writing, that is heavily influenced by Death’s most forward-thinking moments. These compositions would be impressive enough from a full band, but that they’re the work of one person makes them even more incredible.

Whilst the influence of Chuck Schuldiner’s guitar playing is obvious on Aynsophar, it’s also clear that the project is its own distinct entity, with a considerable deal of emotion and personality being present in the riffs and dizzying leads. Their technical nature compliments those facets of the sound, with the stop-start rhythms and awkward time signatures adding to the soul-searching, mystical atmosphere the songs create – though there’s also moments when relatively straight-forward riffs come to the fore, resulting in moments of raw release. It all makes Abysmal Secrets of Unknown a very impressive listen, and one that is as far removed from the typical idea of solo bands as it is surely possible to be.

Abysmal Secrets of Unknown is available digitally and on CD via Bandcamp, and on cassette via Neverheard Distro.


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