Album of the Day: Brujeria – Viva Presidente Trump!


Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Of all the protest songs written over the past few years, I can think of few that are as righteous, and as enjoyable, as Viva Presidente Trump! by Brujeria. The Mexican drug-lord image of the band is perfectly aligned with the theme of the song – “[Trump] wants war? / And so do I!” – and helps with the song’s sense of humour, especially with the way it uses the opening sample of a Trump campaign speech. But more than that, Viva Presidente Trump! is simply an ass-kicker of a death-grind song, with one hell of a central, bass-driven riff.

There’s nothing too complex about the song, but that plays to its (and Brujeria’s) strengths. The band are at their best when delivering no-nonsense death-grind, and Viva Presidente Trump! is absolutely one of their best songs. It was a wise decision not to include it on the Pocho Aztlan album, as despite the strength of the songs on said album, Viva Presidente Trump! would inevitably over-shadow them. It’s such a concise, perfectly-formed blast of rage and humour that it can’t help but be a total show-stopper, the centre of attention even if it doesn’t want to be; and it has lost absolutely none of its power since its initial release.

Viva Presidente Trump! can be streamed on Spotify.


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