Album of the Day: Feral Nun – Demo Tape


Label: Negate Everything

Rough, raw, and with everything pushed in to the red, the demo tape from Feral Nun is a 10 minute riot of gothic post-punk. Crude in the best possible way, this is the what Bauhaus or Joy Division would have sounded like were they even more strung-out on anxiety and desperation than was already true, spitting out shorts bursts of violence and catharsis. In short, it’s bloody great.

There’s little in the way of sophistication about Feral Nun’s sound, but nor is there intended to be. The gothic post-punk guitar lines dart and weave their melodies, whilst hypnotic, almost ritualistic bass and drum patterns conjure an air of true darkness that borders on the mystical. Atop it all, the often-repeated vocals display a real sense of desperation, their statements giving the music of something that is not so much being played as it is experienced – the (short) soundtrack to real struggles and conflicted feelings. If you’re looking for a short blast of emotional bloodletting and catharsis, you can’t go far wrong with this.

Demo Tape is available digitally and on cassette via Bandcamp.


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