Album of the Day: Venom Inc – Ave Satanas


Label: Nuclear Blast

Consisting of Venom’s Prime Evil line-up, the pedigree of Venom Inc. should be beyond dispute – after all, two-thirds of this line-up are responsible for such classics as Welcome To Hell and a little album called Black Metal. And yet, the release of Avé initially felt under-whelming, due in large part to initial single ‘Avé Satanas’ being over eight minutes long and, well, kinda underwhelming with its mid-tempo stomp. Yet look past this song, and Avé features some really strong songs, that capture a beastly hell-raising spirit, full of a love of metal and blasphemy.

There’s a few mis-steps on Avé, when it slips in to mid-tempo territories with longer songs; but when it’s good, it conveys that same sense of reckless abandon that Venom did at their best. Songs like ‘Forged in Hell’ and ‘Black n Roll’ move with that old proto-black metal, thrash onslaught, fueled by alcohol and heavy metal excess. There’s a lot of fun to be found within Avé, that rolls back the years to the 80’s.

Avé is available via the Nuclear Blast webstore; and can be streamed on Spotify.


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