Album of the Day: Feminazgul – The Age of Men is Over


Label: Self-released

Everyone break up your bands and go home: Feminazgul is the best band name ever, and no name will ever top this one. Whilst the band name will likely grab your attention, the music of The Age of Men is Over will ensure it is held, with its raw, atmospheric black metal that smothers the listener like a dream of justice and violence. Haunting keyboards combine with buzzsaw guitars, all topped off with vocals that howl like an ancient spirit, newly awoken to enact its vengeance upon the world. It is music of one world ending, and a new one arising from the ashes; and as such, it is quite glorious.

It’s interesting that, despite the obvious aspects of Tolkein and feminism in the band name and song titles, the band that most come to mind whilst listening to The Age of Men is Over is Darkspace. Whilst the song similarities aren’t great, what both bands possess is a talent for making minimalist, all-consuming atmospheres. As this might imply, The Age of Men is Over feels like a singular piece of art, standing separate from the black metal hordes; there are hosts of bands who have created atmospheric black metal inspired by forests and Tolkein, but none who have put it together in a manner such as this, or whose record title is full of such meaning.

The Age of Men is Over is available to download via Bandcamp.


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