Album of the Day: Ataraxy – Where All Hope Fades


Label: Dark Descent Records

It is tempting to describe Where All Hope Fades by Ataraxy as death-doom, given that it features multiple slow, oppressive passages, filled with emotion and a sense of despair. Yet to do so wouldn’t be entirely accurate. For all its crushing sense of devastation and desolate atmospheres, Where All Hope Fades is too energetic to fit in neatly with death-doom, with as many moments of up-tempo, vigorous exertion as it has despairing movements. Yet more than this, what makes Where All Hope Fades avoid the academic discussion over genres is its simple quality. This is an album of excellent death metal, that switches mood and style with ease.

Of course, as you’d hope for from an album with the title Where All Hope Fades, it is an emotionally devastating listen, with plenty of passages steeped heavily in misery. Yet whereas some bands playing such music can come across as self-pitying, there’s far too much going on in Where All Hope Fades for that to be the case with Ataraxy. Instead, the album feels like it runs through multiple emotions, never getting bogged down. It’s that combination of emotional heft and music that is as deft as it is crushing that makes Where All Hope Fades such a rewarding listen, and another excellent release from Dark Descent Records.

Where All Hope Fades can be downloaded and purchased on CD via Bandcamp, on CD via the Dark Descent Records webstore, and streamed on Spotify.


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