Review: Baron Soil – Demo Tape


Label: Negate Everything

It’s easy to feel angry and hopeless these days, what with the political shitstorms that are Trump, Brexit, and the rise of corporations controlling our lives like some quietly creeping dystopian sci-fi plot. On their demo tape, Baron Soil provide the perfect soundtrack for such anger and circumstances, channeling their rage in to four short tracks of melodic crust, that move with real purpose and urgency. It’s short, fast, and leaves me wanting more – just as a demo should.

Coming across like if early Tragedy stripped their songs down to the absolute bare minimum, this demo doesn’t waste any time. The raw, DIY production lends it a gritty feel, and though it does obscure some of the finer details of the songs, that’s not what they’re about. Instead, this is all about the rush of energy they create, that sense of righteous rage and determination to say “no more!”. There’s an early hardcore feel at points, which is fitting given that this feels like it could be an old 80’s crust record that was only recently uncovered.

As such, there is something quite timeless about this demo. Sure, bands taking inspiration from the likes of Tragedy, Severed Head of State, and His Hero is Gone to produce ass-kicking crust is nothing new; but when it’s done with the kind of passion that Baron Soil display, and complaints are rendered irrelevant. Crust should be angry and urgent, making you want to wage war on the structures that hold us down, and that’s exactly what this done. Quite an achievement for something only six minutes long.

Demo Tape is available via Bandcamp, digitally and on cassette.


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