Album of the Day: Bind Torture Kill – Viscères



Going by the band name, you probably expect French band Bind Torture Kill to play Suffocation-style brutal/tech-death, full of slams and grunts. But instead, Viscères play post-hardcore of a blackened, chaotic variety, full of weight and the promise of violent catharsis. It’s a challenging album, very different from the norms of post-hardcore, but all the better for it – as if the most forward-thinking elements of Converge were run through dirty black metal, before being combined with the malevolence of bands like The Rodeo Idiot Engine or fellow French hardcore acts like Cowards. It’s really rather good.

Not that this might be apparent on first listen; early on, Viscères feels like an album that doesn’t quite gel, with its instrumental sections interrupting any flow that might build. But given time, such elements reveal themselves to be crucial to the character of the album, and in managing its emotional rise and fall. It’s a post-hardcore album for those who like their music to do more than just beat them about the head, but also to be weightier and darker than post-hardcore usually is. And it’s worth highlighting that all of this is achieved with just guitar, drums, and vocals – no bass!

Viscères is available on vinyl at the WOOOAARGH webstore, and digitally via Bandcamp.


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