Album of the Day: Celtic Frost – Monotheist


Label: Century Media

There shouldn’t be much confusion as to why the final album from Celtic FrostMonotheist, deserves to be album of the day for practically every day, but in case you’ve forgotten – go listen to it. And then again. And then listen to it some more. It might not be a perfect album, and it can be a little difficult to get in to, but once it clicks – well, at that stage, it’s obvious why this is one of the best albums released thus far in the millennium.

Darker, more oppressive, and more emotional than anything else Celtic Frost recorded, Monotheist is a monument of depression and sorrow, of anger cast out in all directions, and of creeping oblivion. The riffs aren’t so much played as they are hammered out, their relatively simple structures belying their incredible impact. Incredibly, there are some who have said that this represented Celtic Frost trying to cash-in on nu-metal’s popularity, which represents a profound misunderstanding of both Monotheist and nu-metal. This is the sound of pain and hate, stripped down to the bones, and it is absolutely incredible.

Monotheist is available from the Century Media webstore, and can be streamed on Spotify.


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