Review: Filth X Collins / Skinlover – Split


Label: Vetala Productions / Rip Roaring Shit Storm / F H E D / Fenland Hardcore Collective

Looking for something fast, loud, and ugly? Then you’ll want this split between FilthxCollins and Skinlover. Grind, powerviolence, and fast punk is the order of the day, racing ahead at absurd speeds, with riffs (and songs!) over before you barely know they’ve started. No song on here lasts longer than 95 seconds, yet both bands still manage to pack in a bunch of killer riffs and movements. If you’re having a tough time getting going before work, then this’ll help get you out of back – or consider packing the whole “employment” thing in and staying home to play grind instead.

Nottingham grinders FilthxCollins take the first side, fitting ten songs of super-short, super-fast powerviolence/grind on to their side of the vinyl. There’s little point assessing the songs individually – the only one that lasts longer than a minute is the cover of ‘Let’s Fucking Go!’ by Spazz – but as a whole, they move with that enthusiasm and energy that you’d hope for from powerviolence. Riffs fly in and out, all powered along by battering drums, topped of with vocals that switch between deep grunts and throat-shredding shrieks. It’s hard not to get swept along with it all, especially when they introduce some slower riffs – such as the classic metal groove on ‘Noun Verber’, and the sludge-heavy breakdown on ‘xFAKExNEWSx’ – which is exactly what you want from this type of music.

The songs from Lincoln’s Skinlover on their side are comparative epics, with only ‘Empty Vessel’ clocking in at less than a minute. ‘You’d Cry if They Were Human’ opens their side in deceptively slow style, the riffs being filled with a sludge-esque weight and ominous darkness. ‘Bloodmouth’ ups the tempo though, and that mix of slowed-down sections and powerviolence speed is what defines Skinlover’s side. There’s a real weight to their music even when it’s at its fastest; whereas FilthxCollins revel in the inherent absurdities of grind and powerviolence, Skinlover’s take feels much darker and ominous – though it’s still hugely enjoyable.

Clocking in at roughly ten minutes, this split is one that’s here for a good time rather than a long time; but while it lasts, it’s hugely enjoyable, and a real rush of adrenaline and energy that’s every bit as subtle as the artwork. Great stuff!

Split is available on vinyl and digital via Bandcamp.


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