Album of the Day: Allfather – Bless the Earth With Fire


Label: Self-released

Allfather want you to have fun when you listen to metal. Their debut album, Bless the Earth With Fire is full of the same kind of hard-hitting, powerful riffage as the likes of High on Fire, and it’s every bit as enjoyable. Wedding huge doom/stoner riffs to a hardcore sense of energy, this album is one sure to inspire headbanging and mosh pits in equal measure, making metal feel as exciting, as vital, and as fun as it ever did.

Whilst it may not really introduce anything too new to the doom/sludge template, Bless the Earth With Fire is an exemplary example of the genre, and of the joy that the power of the riff can bring. This is an album that sounds absolutely huge in sound and scope, and as a result makes the listener feel as powerful as Allfather’s music is. If you need something to drag you out of a dark place, or get you going in the morning, or to simply remind yourself why power chords and distortion pedals, backed up with bellowed vocals and pounding drums, is such a timeless combination, then Bless the Earth With Fire has you covered. And that’s all without considering that Allfather are firmly dedicated to telling racists and fascists of all types exactly where to go. Riffs against fascism!

Bless the Earth With Fire is available via Bandcamp.


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