Review: Rancorous – Into the Nuclear Fire


Label: Self-released

A demo should do a simple enough thing: leave the listener wanting more. Easy enough to write that aim down on paper, sure; but in practice? It’s far harder. Yet the six minutes of Into the Nuclear Fire proves that you can do exactly that in a short space of time, with the demo from Rancorous being filled with the kind of black-thrash that is absolutely infectious with its speed, aggression, and energy. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, and wants me to hear more from the band as soon as possible.

Possessing three tracks of speed-driven black thrash, Into the Nuclear Fire races by in a blaze of fury and fire, decimating all before it. The riffs are as sharp as a knife; the drums as crushing as tank treads; and the vocals are demonic commands from the beyond. Short, sharp solos dart in and out, lightning fast and always moving with purpose. The energy the songs transmit is undeniable – this demo will have you banging your head at your desk for sure.

Though there’s nothing on Into the Nuclear Fire that is new, that’s not an issue in the slightest when the music is as strong as this. These six songs stand up against the best of the recent black-thrash bands in the underground – such as the likes of Hellripper and NNGNN – possessing that same sense of old-school exuberance and excitement as you got with the likes of early Sodom, a few moments of classic Celtic Frost riffs (albeit played at double speed), all combined with more modern (but still underground) productions. It’s an absolute rush of energy, that has me desperately hoping that Rancorous release a follow-up soon. Quite frankly, this is killer, and deserves to be heard by anyone with even the slightest interest in black-thrash or speed metal.

Into the Nuclear Fore is due for release on 16 March 2018 via Bandcamp.


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