Album of the Day: Small Brown Bike – Dead Reckoning


Label: No Idea Records

Ever had it where an album you haven’t listed to in years and years suddenly comes in to your head again out of nowhere? That’s what has happened to me with Dead Reckoning by Small Brown Bike. I never got that in to the album when I first heard it, and haven’t listened to it in about 15 years; yet songs from it have been stuck in my head for the past few days, prompting me to revisit the album. Turns out, its post-hardcore was better than I remembered.

Part of why I never got too in to Small Brown Bike is because, at the time, their post-hardcore felt too similar to that of Hot Water Music, who I was big in to – and compared with albums like Fuel For The Hate Game, it just wasn’t as good. That shouldn’t be held against Dead Reckoning – what post-hardcore album of this type is as good as Fuel For The Hate Game? – and there’s a lot to like about the album, especially for those of us who have been disappointed by Hot Water Music’s more recent records. It’s remarkable how much more I relate to these songs as a guy in his early 30’s than I did as a teenager though, despite some of the lyrics being a touch clumsy (“Home is where you die” from ‘I’ll See You In Hell’ being one of the worst offenders). I’m not sure why I thought of this album again after so long, but it’s been good to go back to it.

Dead Recknoning is available via No Idea Records, and can be streamed on Spotify.


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