Album of the Day: Let it Die – The Liar and The Saint


Label: Self-released

The Liar and The Saint, the debut album of grind three-piece Let It Die, does not fuck around. Sure, they might have a few moments of slower, feedback-drenched build-up in amongst the hardcore/grind fury, but even then, The Liar and The Saint is a full-throttle, teeth-bared onslaught of an album. The slower moments help provide that all-important contrast, making the fast bits hit all the harder; and there’s some killer riffs and breakdowns thrown in to the mix, too. All of this makes The Liar and The Saint one of the hardest hitting records from the UK underground in recent years.

Whilst the album provides a very obvious rush of energy and excitement, it’s also an album that is fueled by a sense of righteous rage. Tracks such as ‘Punish’ call out those who use free speech as an argument to shield their own hate speech and prejudices; ‘Oderint Dum Metuant’ rallies against inherently corrupt justice systems; and ‘One Hundred Days’ includes the cutting line “Are we all human, or are some more human than others?” It helps give The Liar and The Saint a staying power beyond that first adrenaline rush, as the album is every bit as intelligent as it is furious.

The Liar and The Saint can be downloaded via Bandcamp; and is available on vinyl via the Let It Die bigcartel page.


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