Album of the Day: Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath


Label: Metal Blade Records

In power metal, as in many areas of life, one rule reigns supreme: go big, or go home. And by Gandalf’s beard, do Visigoth go big on Conqueror’s Oath. This is power metal of the most triumphant kind, full of epic battle hymns, designed to have you approaching your day at the office as if you were striding in to battle, with a muscular confidence and real power. As reminiscent of old Iron Maiden and Dio as it is more modern bands like Grand Magus, Conqueror’s Oath is an album of such quality and talent that it’s sure to win over even the more cynical and grim of metal fans.

Slightly paradoxically, as big as Conqueror’s Oath often sounds – with its soaring, NWOBHM leads and solos, its group vocals, and aura of epic fantasy story-telling – it is also a honed, streamlined album. At just shy of 45 minutes it is fairly concise in length, but more than this, each song feels as if it has been shorn of any superfluous elements, leaving only a streamlined heavy metal attack. They even thrown in some good old-time rock’n’roll on ‘Salt City’, which is very welcome. Conqueror’s Oath is a great album, and shows that the success of debut The Revenant King was no fluke.

Conqueror’s Oath is available via Metal Blade Records, and can be streamed on Spotify.


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