Album of the Day: Ylem Darkul – The Amnesiac Art of Human Existence


Label: Blackened Death Records

Sometimes, you just want some no-nonsense metal; the kind that doesn’t care whether it’s black, or death, or thrash, or heavy. For such a time, the debut EP from Bristol band Ylem Darkul serves very nicely. The Amnesiac Art of Human Existence is a short, sharp example of extreme metal that pulls from various styles and sources to create a record full of solid songs, that switches styles and conjures compelling riffs with skill and passion.

Built upon a solid foundation of 90’s black and death metal, The Amnesiac Art of Human Existence is filled with grim, frost-bitten melodies, demonic vocals, and head-banging riffs. Opener ‘Ylem’ is the most vicious of the three tracks, getting the EP off to a vicious start; whilst ‘Pazuzu Idol’ showcases a band who have aren’t afraid to write ambitious, slightly progressive songs. Closer ‘Valkyries’ Call’ is my pick off the EP though, with its thrash-like energy and leads, and classic metal sense for writing riffs that practically demand head-banging. The production of the EP is a little rough, but this only enhances the DIY feel of The Amnesiac Art…, which is a record that is filled with good quality, no-nonsense metal..

The Amnesiac Art of Human Existence can be downloaded via Bandcamp, and streamed on Spotify.


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