Album of the Day: Napalm Death – Enemy of the Music Business


Label: Dream Catcher Records

There’s no doubting the importance of Napalm Death when it comes to grind and death metal – they did pretty much invent grind, after all – but Enemy of the Music Business is a record that’s easy to over-look in their discography. It may not be their best, but it’s one of the most important. After spending the late 90’s pursuing more experimental sound, Enemy of the Music Business saw the band re-capture the speed and rage that defined their best work, and gave the band the momentum that saw them go on to produce their excellent, more recent albums.

To be clear, none of the Napalm Death’s records could ever really be described as bad; but the late 90’s output was lacking something, which was re-captured on Enemy of the Music BusinessEnemy… is fueled with a rage and aggression that wasn’t so well communicated on preceding albums, and whilst there’s lots of death metal still in the sound of it, the speed and energy plants it firmly in the grind camp. It saw Napalm Death move back to the top of the top tier of grind, playing with the fury and hunger of a band half their age – something they continue to do to this day. Long may it continue.

Enemy of the Music Business can be downloaded via iTunes, and streamed on Spotify.


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