Album of the Day: Assück – Misery Index


Label: Sound Pollution Records

As far as I’m concerned, Misery Index is everything grind should be. The final album from death/grind pioneers Assück is a fifteen minute dose of furious riffs, punishing drumming, and commanding vocals. Misery Index is laced with an intelligent socio-political edge that gives the songs a feeling of timeless relevancy, and a hardcore energy that ensures the music is never less than thrilling. This is everything grind can ever aspire to be, delivered in blistering form, and is still showing the way, over twenty years since release.

It’s remarkable how much Misery Index packs in to its short running time. The lyrics are filled with poetical imagery, meeting at the point where the political becomes very much personal and vice versa. The riffs range from catchy, rocking movements to palm-muted, weighty chugs, with ultra-short solos thrown in that have more in common in their approach with noise than anything traditionally associated with guitar solos. And the drumming throws in plenty of short moments of technicality and fills in amongst the blasts and forward momentum. Misery Index is grind at its most effective, and the closing moments of the album (“We idolize! And deify!”) are one of the best and most haunting to be found within the genre. Misery Index, frankly, is perfect.

Misery Index is available digitally via iTunes.


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