Review: Lechery – We Are All Born Evil


Label: Bleeding Music Records

I don’t know about you, but when I see a record with an album cover like that, my expectations aren’t too high. And yet, I’m glad I gave We Are All Born Evil a go, as the third album by Swedish band Lechery is an excellent 45 minutes of classic heavy metal. Comparisons to the likes of Manowar, Blind Guardian, and later-day Judas Priest are all warranted, and We Are All Born Evil stands up strongly against such big names. It’s not looking to reinvent heavy metal in the slightest – instead, it’s an album that reminds you just how great the genre can be when the core sound is done well; and We Are All Born Evil does it very well.

A quick glance at the song titles will let you know what you’re in for. ‘Heavy Metal Invasion’; ‘Hold On to the Night’; ‘Even a Hero Must Die’ – practically every heavy metal trope is embraced whole-heartedly, and done so in a way that makes them feel as relevant and exciting as ever. The majority of songs are built upon solid mid-tempo riffs, with solos liberally distributed throughout the album adding that feeling of drama and power you would hope for. Vocalist Martin Bengtsson largely sticks to a mid-tempo range that gives a clarity to the lyrics, which are perfectly geared towards singing along in some muddy European field during festival season – these songs sound so big that they practically demand the largest of stages.

In terms of highlights, ‘Even a Hero Must Die’ is a definite stand-out, with its up-tempo riffs, galloping rhythms, and epic lead guitars and solos. It comes across as if Blind Guardian decided to write the most perfectly concise song they possibly could, capturing the huge scale of something like Nightfall in Middle-Earth and the heavy metal excitement of Painkiller. The title track moves with a real power and confidence (something the album is hardly short of!), and the solo just before the three minute mark is as good an example of all that is good about heavy metal as you could possibly ask for.

Throughout We Are All Born Evil, I had constantly been expecting something to appear that would spoil my enjoyment of it; some token ballad that sapped the energy, say, or a song that felt bloated and superfluous. There’s none of that here though; We Are All Born Evil is an album trimmed of all fat, honed to near-perfection in its quest for heavy metal supremacy. It says a lot that the opening track, ‘Heavy Metal Invasion’, is the worst one on the album – and even then, it could hardly be called bad. We Are All Born Evil has everything you would ask for from a modern classic of heavy metal (save, perhaps, better artwork), filled with a sense of fun, excitement, and enthusiasm.

We Are All Born Evil is available on CD, yellow vinyl, and digitally via Bandcamp.


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