Album of the Day: Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer


Label: Relapse Records

Grind isn’t a genre where the lyrics are something fans will usually concern themselves with. Generally, you come to grind for the riffs and the energy, and stay for the riffs and the energy. That’s not the main thing that keeps me coming back to Terrifyer though, and Pig Destroyer as a whole. Instead, it’s the performance of vocalist J.R. Haynes, and his lyrics. To describe them as poetry would be misleading, as that implies some kind of beauty; but whilst there is something poetical about them at points in their use of imagery and symbolism, they read instead like the diary of someone who has reached the end of their rope, and is mentally fraying.

Examples of this are littered throughout Terrifyer, full of damaged love and slow death from the everyday routine, with ‘Gravedancer’ being one of the most relatable (“A six year old girl dances on my ceiling / She might as well be dancing on my grave”); but it’s ‘Towering Flesh’ that shows Pig Destroyer at their absolute best. Lyrically, it’s a tale of twisted love, self-destructive and addictive in the worst of ways, with a cathartic element that’s hugely emphasized by the solo. Whether the album as a whole stands up to Prowler in the Yard is a debate for another day, but as fast and musically thrilling as it is, Terrifyer, to me, is grind as confession.

Terrifyer is available from Relapse Records on CD, on CD, digital, and vinyl via Bandcamp, and can be streamed on Spotify.


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