Album of the Day: Gridlink – Longhena


Label: Handshake Inc.

Perhaps it’s just the circles I move in, but I sometimes feel like Longhena (and Gridlink more generally) never quite get the credit they deserve. Sure, you mention the album, and some people will chime up with “oh yeah! that album’s great!”, and there were samples of ‘Orphan’ used in the TV show Homeland, but this is an album that should have been a world-beater, destroying all before it just like one of the Angels from the anime it takes so much influence from. Yet instead, it seems to have taken on the status of underground classic, when it deserved so much more.

Building upon previous records Amber Grey and OrphanLonghena adds touches of modern black metal influence to its guitars, which – when added to the fury and speed for which the band were already renowned – creates something incredibly special. Few grind albums are as technical, fast, and intelligent as this one; I especially adore the way the guitars combine blistering, growling riffs with moments of blackgaze shimmer (albeit, blackgaze played at roughly five times the normal speed). Add in the sci-fi influenced lyrics and themes, and you have something that really should have changed the state of grind for the better. Gridlink left behind them a legacy that few modern grind bands will be able to match.

Longhena can be purchased on vinyl via Bandcamp.


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