Album of the Day: Demilich – Nespithe


Label: Necropolis Records (original) / Metalhit Records (remaster)

Nespithe is one of the best death metal records ever made. The sole album by Demilich might have been released in 1993, but this Finnish band were so far ahead of their time that 25 years later, people are still trying to catch up with them. The riffs, on the face of it, make no sense; the vocals are disgustingly deep; the bass and drums maintain the rhythms, but only just; and it all shouldn’t work half as well as it does. Yet, somehow, Demilich pulled it all together in to a peerless work of death metal mastery.

It’s easy to lapse in to a mass of extreme descriptors when discussing Nespithe, and it’s easy to hear why. To some, the songs may have no flow; and the vocals, in particular, can be off-putting even for those used to death metal growls. But when it all starts to make sense, and those twisted movements start to make some sort of damaged sense, it becomes apparent that the song-writing is more intelligent and careful than it first appears; and there’s a technicality to the album without it being, y’know, technical death metal. Yet no words can really do justice to the brilliance of Nespithe, save to describe it as one of the most exemplary of death metal albums, and one that, were it to be released today, would still seem forward-thinking and untouchable.

Nespithe can be downloaded via Bandcamp, and streamed on Spotify.


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