Album of the Day: My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery

MDB Feel The Misery cover

Label: Peaceville Records

As time goes by, bands will inevitably have highs and lows; and as bands go on for ten, twenty, thirty years, there will be peaks and troughs of quality – no one stays brilliant forever, if they reach such heights at all. My Dying Bride have never released a thoroughly bad album (we’re excluding the experimental Evinta from this judgement), yet their considerable discography contains variable quality. The highs are among the best of the genre, with Turn Loose The Swans and The Dreadful Hours being genre-defining records. Feel The Misery, their latest album from 2015, is another one of My Dying Bride’s high-points, and as good as summation of their sound as any.

Rather than a compilation – of which My Dying Bride have several – were anyone to ask me for a single record to introduce them to the band, Feel The Misery would be the one I would choose. Songs such as ‘To Shiver in Empty Halls’ are filled with that old death-doom power; ‘I Almost Loved You’ demonstrate that their creative, experimental side is as strong as ever; whilst the title track and opener ‘And My Father Left Forever’ are as emotionally gripping and powerful as anything the band have done. It is a superlative album in a discography filled with them, and demonstrates that My Dying Bride are still one of the best doom bands around.

Feel The Misery is available from the Peaceville store, and can be streamed via Spotify.

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