Album of the Day: Wildspeaker – Spreading Adder


Label: Prosthetic Records

It wasn’t so long ago that I felt certain that blackened crust was going to be the next big “thing” in underground music. The marriage of black metal nihilism with crust punk fury seemed so natural, with the two styles complimenting one another so well musically and intellectually, that it seemed inevitable that the style was going to be huge. And yet, most bands playing in the style feel quite disappointing, unable to put across the passion and fury the music demands. Wildspeaker are an exception to this, and on Spreading Adder, they sounded as furious, urgent, and vital as ever.

It perhaps helps that the band aren’t simply spouting nihilism for its own sake, but that their music is instead powered along by ecological themes that are born right out of the original crust punk movement in the 80’s. It’s this that gives tracks like ‘Elegy’ an extra emotional edge to its melodies, and the album a sense of furious protest and righteousness that is absent from so many other practitioners of the style. It’s hard not to feel inspired and energized by Spreading Adder, and it stands out in a scene that has largely failed to live up to its promise.

Spreading Adder is available on CD, vinyl, and digitally via Bandcamp, and can be streamed via Spotify.


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