Album of the Day: Domestikwom / Necrolytic Goat Converter – Split

Domestikwom, Necrolytic Goat Converter - Domestikwom-Necrolytic Goat Converter Split - cover

Label: Self-released

More splits should be like the one between one-man black metal acts Domestikwom and Necrolytic Goat Converter. What I really like about this release isn’t just that it contains strong new tracks from both bands – though it does that – but that both bands have some fun covering one another’s tracks. It’s touches like this which can help a split feel like a real collaboration between the artists involved, rather than a case where two (or more) bands have gone, “not enough songs for a full-length, don’t wanna put out an EP, who can we team up with?”

By doing this, both bands are able to take songs done by the other, and explore them in different ways. In Domestikwom’s hands, ‘Throne of Cold’ is no longer a furious onslaught of DSBM, but an exercise in doom-laden weight and tension, as crushing as an avalanche and every bit as chilling. Necrolytic Goat Converter, meanwhile, combine ‘The Crushing Weight of Intertia’ and ‘Pater Vita’ in to ‘The Crushing Weight of Pater Vita’ in to a full-fledged Satyricon-esque stomper, which is markedly different from the slow, atmospheric original ‘The Crushing Weight…’ It’s a split that those involved obviously had a lot of fun creating, and feels quite special.

Split can be downloaded via Bandcamp.


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