Album of the Day: Demon Head – Thunder on the Fields


Label: The Sign Records

Modern bands playing classic rock place themselves in a precarious position. Sure, their music might be great, but how do you hold the listener’s attention without making them think they’d be better off just listening to the classics by Sabbath/Deep Purple/Thin Lizzy/and so on. The answer, as demonstrated by Demon Head on Thunder on the Fields, is deceptively simple – write songs that are strong, that demonstrate your own character, and are played with enough passion to put thoughts of the old masters as far out of the audience’s head as possible.

Previous album Ride the Wilderness was good, but perhaps a little too close to its inspirations to really stand out. By comparison, Thunder on the Fields puts across more of Demon Head’s own character and charisma, and though it still recalls the likes of Deep Purple, The Doors, and a dash of Danzig, it’s also the sound of a band stepping out from the shadows of their big-name inspirations. If you want something with groove, that’s equally suited for unwinding at the end of a day or for partying to, without making you think you should just put on your classic record of choice, Thunder on the Fields could well be what you’re after.

Thunder on the Fields is available digitally, on CD, and vinyl via Bandcamp; and can be streamed via Spotify.


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