Album of the Day: Darkspace – Dark Space I


Label: Avantgarde Music 

There’s some albums which you can always turn to, and no matter what your mood or state of mind, you can easily sink in to them, letting them play for hours at a time, with the music losing none of its impact or power as the years go by. The first album by Darkspace is one such record for me, with the atmospherics of Dark Space capturing a the cold, dark emptiness of space in a way that no one else has – at least, musically.

Atmospheric black metal may be an over-populated scene, with most bands described as such looking to the forests and mountains for inspiration, creating something that normally feels rooted in nature. But Darkspace’s take on the genre is one filled with isolation, as the uncaring stars look upon the works of humanity with utter apathy. It is music not just of space, but of space – of the vast void between celestial bodies, filled with utter nothingness, scarcely comprehensible by our minds. Even so, the music is as characterized by powerful, fast riffs as it is its mastery of texture and spacing. It’s notable that the record features a samples from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is one of the few works of art that puts across the strangeness and isolation of space as well as Dark Space does.

Dark Space can be downloaded via Bandcamp, and streamed on Spotify.


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