Album of the Day: Portal – Vexovoid


Label: Profound Lore Records

There are few bands whose reputation precedes them like it does for Portal. The Australian act may be renowned for crafting other-worldly, mind-consuming death metal that is the musical spawn of every Lovecraftian horror ever dreamed of; and their early works certainly upped the ante for how twisting and difficultly chaotic death metal can be, following in the footsteps of Gorguts and Immolation. Yet Vexovoid is, by their own standards, a fairly accessible release, and it’s no surprise that it found their biggest audience yet – at least, until the release of ION next week.

Of course, “accessible” by the standards of Portal is vastly different to that of, say, Cannibal Corpse. There might be undercurrents of groove, and twisted, tortured melodies that will stick in the mind – but you will have to work to find them, buried amidst the murky production and roiling chaos that comprises the main body of Vexovoid. It will be interesting to see which direction ION takes – whether it embraces chaos and alien soundscapes, or continues with those concessions to melody and accessibility that first emerged with Vexovoid.

Vexovoid can be downloaded via Bandcamp, purchased from the Profound Lore webstore, or streamed on Spotify.


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