Album of the Day: Autopsy – Mental Funeral


Label: Peaceville Records

For a long time, Mental Funeral was the only Autopsy album I had heard. Whilst that might seem a borderline blasphemous statement to some, take a step back and consider just how good this album is. When an album is this close to being perfect, there’s always the worry that other releases wouldn’t stand up in comparison, and as a result somehow spoil them. To some extent, it’s a needless worry – Autopsy have never released an out-and-out bad album – but at the same time, I don’t think anything they do will ever compare to Mental Funeral for me.

As far as dirty, filth-crusted death metal goes, this album pretty much defined the style. Sure, Severed Survival came first, and is itself a great record, but Mental Funeral is where Autopsy hit near-perfection for me. Just consider the opening one-two of ‘Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay’ leading in to that riff for ‘In the Grip of Winter’. Superlative riffs abound, and the song writing is top tier, but what really makes Mental Funeral so great is the corrosive, dirty production. It’s this that I miss most from their post-reunion records, which whilst still good, will probably never capture that sense of decayed magic again.

Mental Funeral can be purchased from the Peaceville store, and streamed on Spotify.


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