Album of the Day: Blood Incantation – Starspawn


Label: Dark Descent Records

Can I confess something? I didn’t really “get” Starspawn on first listen. The debut full-length from Blood Incantation was good, sure, but I didn’t quite understand the reverence some people held it in upon release. But on subsequent listens, some time and distance removed from the initial hype – yes! This record revealed itself to be one of the most death metal releases not just of 2016, but of the past decade. This album is phenomenal.

What makes Starspawn rise above other death metal albums of recent years isn’t so much its technicality, or the crushing riffs, or any other individual component. Instead, it’s an album that is all-consuming, captivating the listener for its duration. The atmosphere is such that losing repeated hours to the album in a single sitting is as good as inevitable. Despite being highly technical it also has an accessible edge – not that the album is in any way dumbed-down, but rather, once Starspawn gets its hooks in you it absolutely will not let go. Starspawn is a modern classic, and a glimpse of the depths that can still be explored within death metal.

Starspawn can be downloaded via Bandcamp; purchased on CD and tape via the Dark Descent Records store; and streamed on Spotify.


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