Album of the Day: Twilight Fauna – Fire of the Spirit


Label: Ravenwood Recordings / Fragile Branch Recordings

I’ve recently found myself wanting the audio equivalent of returning home after a long week travelling for work; of a sense of familiarity and belonging, after an extended period of isolation and disconnect. Fire of the Spirit has been meeting that need perfectly, with Twilight Fauna‘s brand of black metal and traditional folk producing a warm, all-encompassing atmosphere that is remarkably refreshing for the soul.

Fire of the Spirit is an album that comes across as a complete whole, its six tracks working together as it maintains its delightful atmosphere over the full length of the album. Regardless of whether the music is being led by acoustic guitars, or ones that are drenched in distortion and raw production, what matters is that consistency of atmosphere. It is an invigorating listen, though not in the sense of being filled with speed and aggression; rather, it is music that speaks of something deeper, of connection and being in the right place, and has been just what I’ve needed recently.

Fire of the Spirit is available digitally via Bandcamp, and can be streamed on Spotify.


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