Album of the Day: Motörhead – Overkill


Label: Bronze Records

And then there were none. RIP Fast Eddie Clarke. Hell just got a whole lot noisier.

There should be little need to say any of this, but I will anyway. There’s no doubting that the line-up of Lemmy, Philthy Animal Taylor, and Fast Eddie was the best Motörhead line-up, and that they changed the face of rock, punk, and metal. What stands out on their Bronze Age records isn’t just the speed and aggression that was, for the time, unheard of. In Fast Eddie, they had a guitarist who could mix ultra-fast riffs and solos with deft, subtle touches, giving the songs an extra element that helps make the likes of ‘Damage Case’ and ‘No Class’ so timeless. Of the three albums, Overkill is my pick of the bunch, but fuck it. Motörhead were pretty much the perfect rock’n’roll band, and we’ll never see their likes again.

If you don’t already own a copy of Overkill, or any of Motörhead’s other Bronze Age albums, you can probably pick them up on CD for next to nothing at any half-decent record store. In the meantime, you can stream it on Spotify.

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