Album of the Day: Mendacium – Decimating Titans


Label: Self-released / Redefining Darkness Records

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I initially wrote about Decimating Titans, the debut EP from Mendacium; and that’s because it wasn’t. A project of Void Ritual mainman Daniel Jackson, this furious howl of black metal rage was initially self-released digitally, but is seeing a well-deserved tape version, to be released by Redefining Darkness Records. It’s a good thing, too, as the righteous angry and rage present on this EP is remarkable, leaving an impression lasting well beyond its short duration.

A lot of second-wave influenced black metal can come across as if it’s lacking in a certain something, as if the only motivation was to write a record paying homage to the greats of the genre and nothing more. That’s not the case with Decimating Titans; the music is possessed of a passion and rage that feels absolutely necessary, and as a result there is a cathartic element to the EP that is often lacking in this style of music. That such a short release has left such a lasting impression on me should speak volumes about how strong it is, and why it’s so good to see the record being brought to a wider audience. Decimating Titans is excellent, and if you haven’t checked it out before, then now is the perfect time.

The reissue of Decimating Titans is set for release on 9 February 2018, digitally and on cassette. It can be ordered via Bandcamp, and will contain a bonus track exclusive to the reissue.


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