Album of the Day: Witchery – I Am Legion


Label: Century Media Records

Witchery are old masters of black-thrash, with their first two albums – Restless & Dead, and Dead, Hot and Ready – being particularly excellent. Yet since the turn of the millennium,  it could be argued that the band have been victims of their own standards, with generally good albums like Symphony for the Devil not quite living up to the standards set early on in their career. Last year’s I Am Legion is an album that, whilst certainly worthwhile, doesn’t recreate the success of old; but then, nor is it trying to.

Whilst those early records were all about speed, I Am Legion is a more mid-tempo black-thrash assault, with a few classic death metal riffs thrown in for good measure. If you’re looking for something that’s all about playing at insanely blistering speeds and nothing else, this album isn’t it. But if you want something a bit more sinister, that has some punch and weight to it, then this could be what you want to hear. There’s still moments of up-tempo chaos – ‘Of Blackebed Wing’ and ‘Amun-Ra’ capture some of that old black-thrash magic in particular – but I Am Legion is, generally, a more considered take on black-thrash, but still one with a lot of energy and vitality to it.

I Am Legion can be purchased via the Century Media webstore; and streamed on Spotify.


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