Album of the Day: Bulletbelt – Rise of the Banshee


Label: Headless Horseman / Hallways Of The Always Records

Given that new album Nine Centuries is due for release at the end of January, now is an excellent time to go back and remind ourselves of just how excellent the previous album from BulletbeltRise of the Banshee, is (full review from 2015 can be read here). This is a black-thrash album that perfectly captures how invigorating and enjoyable metal can be, and is so much fun that it is practically impossible not to be won over by it, still sounding fresh and exciting years on from release.

There’s plenty of heavy metal mixed in with Bulletbelt’s black-thrash assault, with ‘Deathgasm’ in particular being as hook-filled and catchy as anything that came out during the days when the NWOBHM ruled supreme. Their cover of ‘Sniper’, originally by The Nod, is also a highlight, whilst ‘Minnie Dean’ shows that they can handle slower tempos as well as they do the blistering ones found throughout the rest of the album. Rise of the Banshee is a superb album, and the two tracks previewed so far indicate that Nine Centuries will build upon what has already been achieved. The end of the month, and its release, can’t come soon enough.

Rise Of The Banshee can be streamed and downloaded through Bandcamp; and streamed via Spotify.


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