Album of the Day: Judas Priest – Screaming for Vengeance


Label: CBS (Sony Music)

Judas Priest are the best heavy metal band in the world. There’s few bands who have released so many practically-perfect albums, and their importance to metal cannot be overstated. Everyone with have their favourite Priest album, and Screaming for Vengeance is the one I usually turn to. The opening one-two of ‘The Hellion’ and ‘Electric Eye’ opens the album excellently, and each track that follows feels like it would be the highlight on almost any other record. ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming’! ‘Riding on the Wind’! ‘Pain and Pleasure’! The title track! Fucking hell. What an album.

Let’s also take a moment to celebrate that Priest have been active for almost fifty years now, with the new video released today for ‘Lightning Strike‘ showing that their song-writing is still strong and powerful. Even if they might never release another album as well-regarded as British Steel, or Defenders of the Faith, or Painkiller, they’re still one of the best bands around, with modern records pretty much doing justice to their legacy. But of all their classic albums, Screaming for Vengeance will always be the one I hold closest to my heart.

You probably already own this album, but if not, you can stream it via Spotify.

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