Album of the Day: Lizzies – Good Luck


Label: The Sign Records

Whilst my tastes in modern metal tend to fall on the extreme side of the spectrum, every now and then there will come along a record that perfectly captures the sound and feel of those classics of old, and I can’t help but be won over by it. Good Luck is one such record, and Lizzies are one of the best bands playing classic metal today.

Since I reviewed it back in July 2016Good Luck has been on regular rotation; and even before its release, advance single ‘Viper’ was a song I was listening to often. This is an album that hits all the highs for classic metal, full of melody, strong choruses, delightful guitar solos, and excellent performances all around. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun, and hugely enjoyable to listen to, as classic metal should be. This is one to have spinning at the weekend, forgetting your worries and just enjoying the metal.

Good Luck can be downloaded via Bandcamp, and streamed on Spotify.

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