Album of the Day: Necronautical – The Endurance at Night


Label: Cacophonous Records

The debut from UK black metal band Necronautical, Black Sea Misanthropy, was a record I was very taken with, as shown by my inclusion of it as one of my favourites from 2014. Yet for some reason, the follow-up, The Endurance at Night, didn’t click with me for some time. I’m really not sure why, but it wasn’t until I saw the band live, opening for the mighty Winterfylleth, that I really realised just how good these songs are; and it confirmed my initial thoughts from their debut, that Necronautical really do have the potential to become a pretty big name in UK black metal.

With symphonic elements and grandiose arrangements, mid-era Emperor and the better albums by Cradle of Filth are the most obvious points of comparison, but Necronautical possess plenty of character of their own, most evidently in the nautical themes of their black metal, but also in the music itself. There are elements of thrash and classic metal to The Endurance at Night that give it a real sense of power, and the melodies are soaring, simultaneously adding to the almost larger-than-life sound of the album whilst keeping it rooted firmly in extreme metal. Ambitious, energetic, and full of great songs, I have no idea why this didn’t connect with me at release, as The Endurance at Night, and Necronautical as a whole, are bloody great.

The Endurance at Night can be downloaded via Bandcamp and streamed on Spotify. The band are also playing a few live shows in the UK in March, which I highly recommend going to if possible.

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