Review: The Infernal Sea – Agents of Satan


Label: Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings

The previous album from The Infernal SeaThe Great Mortality, seems to have gone under the radars of a lot of people; a concept album about The Black Death, laced with anti-Christian message, it was an assured, darkly captivating album. New 7″ Agents of Satan is a slightly different affair, its two tracks moving away from the second-wave inspired sounds of The Great Mortality to thoroughly embrace a more black-thrash inspired sound instead, that is every bit as vicious and nasty as its Satanically driven, serial killer-inspired subject matter.

The opening title track opens with a drum-beat somewhere between D-beat and classic Motorhead, before launching in to its black-thrash assault. Pummeling drums and tremolo-picked, lightning-fast guitar leads race forwards with an unrestrained ferocity that are perfectly matched by the rabid vocals. The chorus is incredibly catchy, backed up by a stomping guitar riff, and it’s sure to get stuck in your head for days. It’s a practically perfect black-thrash track, full of infectious energy, satanic fervor, and dark, morbid fun.

B-side track ‘Skinwalker’ is a longer song, but no less exhilarating, carrying on the energetic assault from the first side. Telling the tale of Peter Stumpp, who was accused of witchcraft, cannibalism, and worse besides (and who claimed to be able to change in to a werewolf), its five and a half minute duration absolutely races by in a whirlwind of violence. The mid-tempo section towards the end is superb, giving the track some much-needed contrast to ensure it doesn’t become overwhelming.

The two tracks on the 7″ are both very exciting, and it will be interesting to see what direction The Infernal Sea take in the future; though hopefully whatever they release next will see them brought to wider attention, as this is one band that are woefully under-appreciated at present.

Agents of Satan can be purchased digitally via Bandcamp;  on picture-disc 7″ vinyl via The Infernal Sea’s Bigcartel page; and streamed via Spotify.

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