World Negation – Born Broken


Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Hardcore four-piece World Negation hail from Germany – not that you’d initially guess that from their music. The four tracks on new 7″ Born Broken are steeped in New York hardcore, filled with down-tuned guitars, heavy as fuck riffs, and an air of violence and self-confidence. Even though it draws clear influence from the classics of the genre – with Madball in particular being an obvious comparison – there’s a swagger and assured nature to Born Broken that helps it stand apart.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get off to the best start. It’s all well and good opening an EP with a sample, but when that sample lasts almost an entire minute – roughly 10% of the whole run-time of the 7″ – it’s longer than it needs to be. Thankfully, it soon picks up from this slightly stumbled start, and gets to the good stuff. Each one of the four tracks on Born Broken is a pissed-off, riff heavy, bruising piece of hardcore, and though they’re built from the same constituent parts, that’s not to say that they don’t have their own character and identity. Highlights include some of the subtly nimble-yet-heavy guitar work on opener ‘Streets of Distrust’ that contrasts well with the thick, chunky riffs that make up the main body of the song; and I’m also a big fan of the way second track ‘Black Rain’ builds up its tension and violence in a way that reminds me Cro-Mags at their best. On the second side, ‘My Own Hell’ has a darker atmosphere which is nicely enhanced by the sinister guitar lead towards the end; and closer ‘Wrapped Up In Lies’ is a defiant way to end the EP, spitting its hate and rage in all directions, with the breakdown during the closing minute being absolutely superb.

Despite being only ten minutes long, there’s a lot contained in Born Broken for fans of the heavier side of hardcore to enjoy. Once the opening intro is done with it, it’s a bruising, thoroughly punishing listen, and though it doesn’t radically expand upon heavy, New York influenced hardcore, World Negation have enough character and self-confidence to stand apart from the legions of other bands playing similar music. If you’re looking for something to get this going in the morning, or help pick you up during bad times, or simply for a hardcore record that’s full of great, heavy riffs, then this could well be just what you’re after.

Born Broken is due for release on 14 October 2017. It can be pre-ordered on 7″ vinyl (300 copies; 100 blue, 100 white, 100 black) via the Demons Run Amok Entertainment webstore.

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