BOYED – BOYED (self-titled)


Label: Vetala Productions

London-based Vetala Productions have been (not-so) quietly putting out some of the better records to be found in the underground in recent times, with releases from the like of Unyielding Love, Dark Mother, and Art Of Burning Water. The latest addition to their roster is two-piece powerviolence band BOYED, whose self-titled EP is a no-nonsense, ten minute slice of viciousness, with a few slowed-down, sludgey moments to add extra dimensions to the record. But the focus really is on playing loud, fast, and violently, and BOYED absolutely nail it.

BOYED’s brand of powerviolence is the sort that demonstrates exactly why the genre is named as it is. Songs race by in a blur of caveman drums and shouted vocals, with the occasional stomping riff providing a moment of respite. Second track ‘Pro Fake’ is a great example, encapsulating all that makes powerviolence great in a 75 second burst; whilst ‘Same Old’ manages to squeeze some slowed-down, heavy sludge riffs in to its 56 second duration. It is also, of course, an absolute rager. I also have to highlight the almost groovy, stomping central riff of ‘Long Haul’, which shows that powerviolence doesn’t have to be fast to be powerful or violent, and demonstrates that the genre doesn’t have to be as one-dimensional as it is often caricatured to be.

Even so, it’s hardly reinventing the wheel – but nor is it trying to. Instead, BOYED is a celebration of powerviolence fundamentals, with the more adventurous elements – such as the sample-heavy, slowly building first half of ‘Trap’ –  being used to highlight just how devastating powerviolence can be when done right. And for sure, BOYED is an example of it being done just right – angry, vicious, just the right hint of melody in just the right places, and an aura of utter hostility and negativity. Great stuff!

BOYED is available digitally via Bandcamp.

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