Cadaver Soiree – Demo 1

Cadaver Soiree - Demo 1 - cover

Label: Self-released

If you’re anything like me, then as much as you might be able to appreciate modern, technical, slickly produced death metal, it’ll never win your heart in the same way that the dirty, heavy, gruesome likes of Autopsy have. Full of memorable riffs and a delightfully crushing old-school feel, the demo from Cadaver Soiree is sure to appeal to fans of early death metal; it might not stray far from the traditional template set down in the 80’s, but it does it so very well, and with such passion, that it’s hard to hold this against the demo or band.

Opening track ‘Limbless’ wastes little time, with the shortest of drum-led introductions soon giving way to a deep, heavy riff that could have been taken from your favourite Cannibal Corpse record. It sets the scene perfectly for what is to follow over the course of the demo, with gruesome lyrics, strong riffs, and just that right level of technicality. Second track ‘Cordyceps’ has a more up-tempo, almost punk edge to many of its riffs, and it’s difficult to resist the temptation to headbang along at your desk. The palm-muted, slightly slower mid-section is superb, and the way it shifts in to death-doom territories before picking up the pace once more is excellent – the transition is handled with skill, making it feel natural and flowing despite the considerable contrasts.

Final track ‘Aweons Of Lies’ is my pick of the bunch. As well as being the most technically impressive (without being, y’know, technical death metal), it’s also the heaviest and hardest hitting of the three. There’s a slight black metal edge to some of the leads, which gives it a different character to the preceding tracks, but the vocals are also at their most ferocious, and the track rarely sits still for more than a few moments before lurching in to some new direction. Whilst the first two tracks are enjoyable and impressive enough, it’s with ‘Aeon Of Lies’ that the band show just how distinctive and special they could be. If Cadaver Soiree can build on that track, they could surely rise up amongst the British death metal legions.

Demo 1 is available to stream and download via Bandcamp.

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