Blackosh – Rvouci Vichry


Label: Eternal Death

Formed by Petr Hosek, the original guitarist for Root and a current member of Master’s Hammer, Blackosh‘s take on black metal is every bit as unusual as you’d hope for. Latest EP Rvouci Vichry, despite only being two tracks long, succeeds in being more imaginative and interesting than most black metal bands manage in their entire careers. Taking the eclectic nature of the early Root records as a starting point, Rvouci Vichry follows up 2015’s Kurvy, chlast a black metal album in superb style.

The opening title track throws the listener straight in to Blackosh’s creative, unsettling take on black metal with no preamble or warning. There’s no real introduction as such, and it almost feels as if the song starts at the mid-way point – it’s definitely a start that throws the listener off-balance, and from them on, there’s no easy way to wrap your head around what’s happening. B side track ‘Kult Latrin’ is equally unusual, with some slower tempos and doom atmospherics sitting comfortably alongside black metal riffs that move from orthodoxy to more unusual structures at will. There’s no regard for convention (save that twisted kind set down by the Czech legends of old), yet as awkward and unusual as it is, there’s something deeply captivating about what Blackosh are creating. The twisting guitar lines crawl and writhe like tendrils burrowing in to your mind, projecting their darkness directly in to your very being, their touch lingering even after the music ends.

At ten minutes, it may be a fairly short release, but there’s a lot of quality and creativity contained within Rvouci Vichry. Early Czech black metal is a vastly under-appreciated style, and it’s a delight to hear the style with a more modern, strong production. Whilst music such as this is likely to always be a niche concern even amongst the underground, those with an appreciation for innovative, creative black metal will find plenty to enjoy here.

Rvouci Vichry is available on 7″ vinyl via the Eternal Death webstore  and digitally via Bandcamp.

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